Imanbek is a Kazakh producer and remixer of house music and popular in
Kazakhstan as well as Russia, Ukraine. In 2019 he became internationally
famous with his remix of SAINt JHN’s “Roses”. Imanbek has many hits,
most notably “Take Me” with O’Neill, “Hot” with Parah Dice and “Smoke It

Born in Kazakhstan, he played the guitar when he was 8 years old by his
father. While studying at the Railway Institute and started working in a
railway station, but continued remixing since 2017 when he was 17 years
old. He remixed “Roses”, an earlier release by Guyanese-American rapper
Saint Jhn through the Russian label Effective Records that signed him. The
remix was done without Saint Jhn’s involvement as Zeinekov’s attempts to
contact him on Instagram failed and he did not receive a reply. The
remixed song appeared in a great number of charts throughout Europe
including Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden and
became number 3 on Shazam World. Based on the success and popularity
of the remix, the original song recorded in 2016 appeared on US Billboard
chart, British Singles Chart and other charts like Austria, Canada, Denmark,
France, Germany, Ireland in 2019.

Later on, becoming more and more successful day by day, Imanbek
releases a series of tracks and remixes. His latest track “Dope” was out both
on Dharma Effective Records and is quite popular among his audience.